This website was one of the first that I designed while working with GTMA and Vinbound Marketing and was a significant moment in my web design journey because beyond designing and building the site itself, I was also put into a position where I could art direct the photography that came to represent much of the brand's voice. 
Web Design, Art Direction, Account Management
The U.S. website for NEFT Vodka (A vodka in a barrel!) was an awesome opportunity to develop a website for a newer brand that had a well established sense of self. This project allowed me to be creative, but it also required that I be able to balance the needs of many different voices from within that semi-established brand. 
Web Design
A conceptually redesigned product page for the airbrush that came with glowing reviews, but suffered from existing on a difficult to navigate and out-dated website. The purpose of this website was to explore unconventional means of presenting a product on a website that was driven by visual storytelling. This was also an experiment in building a website from the ground up with my own hand-written code. 
Web Design, Concept, Art Direction
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